Monday, August 15, 2011


Talkin' elastics with Dr. Bardawil

The purpose of elastics (rubber bands) is to apply a force on selected teeth to help them “fit” better and correct your bite. Elastics can move teeth in a way that cannot be done with braces alone. Failure to wear your elastics, as instructed, will result in treatment running
longer than expected. It may also affect the finished orthodontic treatment result.
When you first start wearing the elastics, they may make your teeth sore. If you continue wearing them as instructed, that discomfort will go away in a couple of days.
If you break or lose a rubber band, replace immediately. Always carry a spare pack of rubber bands in your pocket. You will be asked to wear your elastics either full-time or every night.
Rubber bands are to be worn 24-hours per day, except when brushing your teeth, unless stated otherwise by Dr. Bardawil  . Please wear your elastics all the time. Remove them only for brushing and flossing your teeth. Insert new elastics after brushing and flossing. Try to keep fresh elastics on your teeth
at all times (they lose their force after several hours).
Please wear your elastics every night (sleep in them). Now let’s go back and repeat that together – wear your elastics every night (not some nights).
If you lose your elastics or run out, just call our office or email us and we can send you more.
Why the big deal? Because these elastics are your ticket to the fastest, most ideal result you can get. Unfortunately, they just don’t work unless they are worn as prescribed.
By wearing your elastics as instructed, you will be doing your part in keeping your orthodontic treatment on schedule.
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