Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DR. Bardawil is a platinum preferred Invisalign Provider in Beirut-Lebanon

Dr.Bardwil is Now a Platinum Preferred Invisalign Provider

We’re celebrating around the office as Dr. Bardawil just received news that he is now an Invisalign Platinum  Preferred Provider in Beirut Lebanon !
To become a Preferred Provider, doctors have to go through training courses, and then reach a certain
level of experience and expertise for treating patients using Invisalign. 
A very small percentage of doctors reach an even more distinguished status called the Premier Preferred Provider status for treating even more patients using this technology.  Dr. Bardawil is among this elite group!
If you’re a patient that has used Dr. Bardawil for Invisalign or other orthodontic services, you can feel even more comfortable referring him to your friends now.
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