Friday, January 10, 2014

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Adult Treatment

A growing number of adults are replacing teenagers as the stereotypical face of orthodontic treatment. Proper tooth alignment can be achieved at any age, provided your gums and supporting bone structure are healthy. In Lakeville adult orthodontic treatment is available through Dr. George Bardawil. He offers a variety of treatments that are designed for different age groups - including adults. Your journey to an improved smile can begin today.
Adult orthodontic treatment can improve your personal appearance and self-confidence. Improved teeth and gum health is another benefit of treatment. Crooked teeth and an improper bite are contributors to gum and bone loss, tooth decay, abnormal enamel wear, uneven wear of tooth surfaces, headaches and jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) pain.
The advanced techniques and appliances we use are more comfortable today, they require less frequent orthodontic visits, and they provide quicker treatment time. You may even have several treatment methods from which to choose, such as Damon braces, clear or tooth-colored braces or Invisalign ,and Robotic Fast Invisible Braces .
Dr. Bardawil can determine your best treatment based on your individual needs when you visit one of our offices. We also will share our treatment plan recommendations, the estimated amount of time you will be in treatment, and the approximate cost.
Many of our patients are adults, and they all agree that it's never too late to improve their greatest asset - their smile. You've waited long enough-- If you're ready to begin your treatment in our offices.please give us acall. bardawil -ORTHODONTIST,, Invisalign premier provider, speciality clinics center, st maamari,12th floor hamra,beirut lebanon Hamra clinic 961-1-747644 Fanar clinic 961-1-873718 mobile 961-3-542724