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Invisalign Certified Clinic Beirut Lebanon

What is Invisalign?
Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made clear aligners, removable,and comfortable Aligners that no one can tell you’re wearing.Consider invisalign to get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted-without braces. And it's been proven effective in both clinical research and in practices nationwide.Invisalign is invisible orthodontics.To learn more visit

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The Latest Technology

After an initial examination, Dr. Bardawil can determine if invisalign is right for you. He will then create a treatment plan and take impressions of your teeth, which are submitted to Invisalign. Using the latest advances in 3-D computer imaging technology, Invisalign carefully translates the doctor's instructions into a series of precisely customized Aligners. You then wear each set of Aligners for about two weeks, moving your teeth, gradually –little by little, week by week, millimeter by millimeter – until you’ve achieved the intended result: straighter teeth. Generally, you will visit Dr. Bardawil less often than you would with braces and the length of treatment is usually 14 months or less.
No Brackets, No Wires, No Ligatures

Because there are no metal wires and brackets, Invisalign is comfortable. And because it's removable,so you can eat and drink what you want while in brushing and flossing are no problems.. With Invisalign, there's nothing to hide.


Invisalign is great for adults and teenagers, but Invisalign teen has more features. Such as, compliance indicators located on the back of your upper trays. At the end of your 2 week wearing schedule the indicator should be clear. This is a great way for doctors and patients to know that the aligners are being worn enough. Also, Invisalign teenoffers 6 free replacement aligners. So if you lose a set you should not be charged for a replacement set, which regular Invisalign does not offer.Dr. Bardawil is an invisalign® officially certified trained Orthodontist provider for adults and teenagers in Beirut,Lebanon.

Invisalign clear aligners can be agreat option for improving the look of your smile.Dr.Bardawil has lots of experience using this technology to give our patients the straight, beautiful smile they’ve always wanted. Plus, because it’s so convenient, Invisalign won’t interfere with your daily life.
• Invisalign aligners are clear, discrete and effective at moving your teeth into their ideal positions.
• You don’t need to change your eating habits, because your aligners can be easily removed.
• Invisalign aligners are made of comfortable, smooth plastic, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of metal brackets.
• Invisalign aligners make daily oral hygiene easier, reducing the risk of possible problems.
• Invisalign treatment is covered by most insurance providers, just like traditional braces.
A straight smile makes you look great, but it also can help you keep the rest of your mouth healthy. Correctly aligned teeth can decrease health issues that can be caused by an improper bite, speech or chewing difficulties, jaw problems, and increased wear on the tooth enamel. 

Proven Results

In both clinical research and in dental practices nationwide, Invisalign has been proven effective at straightening teeth. Dr. Bardawil is an expert trained to treat his patients with Invisalign and has been very excited about offering this type of treatment to his patients. The results he and many other doctors have seen from treatment with Invisalign have been extraordinary.
Please contact Dr. Bardawil's office to learn more about Invisalign and find out if it's right for you.
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Other Clear Aligner Brands

There are a few other brands that look like Invisalign. They all offer clear aligners. But these other brands aren’t comparable to Invisalign because they are typically only designed to align the front teeth and in most cases are only effective for very mild issues.

Additionally, the technological sophistication of Invisalign far surpasses the other brands. From the computerized planning of your treatment to the manufacturing process, Invisalign uses highly developed technology designed to give you the perfect smile you desire-even if you have significant issues such as an overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowding, or spacing.
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