Invisalign Beirut-lebanon by Dr.George Bardawil -Invisalign certified premier provider

Invisalign-the clear alternative to braces

Invisalign ( ) are crystal-clear liners instead of the usual metal bars and strips your smile isn't altered, and you do not have to feel self conscious about opening your mouth. Invisalign  also offers the benefit of much less pain, both in straightening your teeth as well as in irritation in your mouth. Considering the fact that braces for your teeth are made with steel this tends to aggravate or even cut the interior of your cheek, leading to discomfort and pain while you wear them. Invisalign tooth straightening system is made of a tender plastic, so it's much more comfortable to set up and wear with no discomfort or damage.

Another advantage of Invisalign at our clinic is that you have no food restrictions. Using classic braces for your teeth you can't consume particular foods, because very soft and sticky foods could lead to wires to come unfastened. With Invisalign you are able to consume anything you want, since you remove the liner to eat and then thoroughly clean your teeth just before setting the liner into your mouth. Cleaning up the teeth can also be much simpler if you choose Invisalign  treatment instead of the normal tooth braces. The metal wires can make brushing and flossing a laborious task, which is easy to miss out on spots which can lead to cavities. Using the clear liners you can easily thoroughly clean your teeth completely once you remove the liner, to help you clean your teeth completely and stop any tooth decay from happening.

Invisalign tooth straightening system also needs fewer dental trips, allowing an individual more time for that important things in everyday life. You will simply need to see your dentist every month or two, which means that your progress can be checked. You'll have a wonderful smile while receiving treatment, and the end result is the same as what you would get from metallic braces. Invisalign braces includes a cost that's comparable as braces for your teeth. Your treatment fees might be more or less, depending on your particular dental care needs.

If you prefer straighter teeth without having metal braces then Dr.Bardawil can help. Being an Invisalign premier provider Dr.Bardawil has experience with this particular treatment plan, and comprehends the process completely.

You need an Invisalign provider that's qualified and compassionate, and which is aware of the treatment course of action thoroughly. This can make sure you get the perfect results, and a smile that you can be proud to show off. The advantages of Invisalign are numerous, which option is far better than steel braces if you are a candidate for this treatment. There is less pain and discomfort involved throughout the procedure, and fewer check-up visits which could really bring the price up. Comfort, convenience, and assurance are explanations why you need to choose Invisalign  rather than metallic braces for your teeth. Contact Dr. Bardawil  and set up a consultation, so you can get the professional assistance and treatment that you might want inside a nurturing and compassionate setting.



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