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underbite-class 3 malocclusion by Dr.George Bardawil

underbite-class 3 malocclusion by Dr.George Bardawil

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Before orthodontic treatment

After orthodontic treatment

Underbite refers to an abnormal protrusion (jutting out) of the lower jaw, leading to a malocclusion, or bad bite. To get an idea of what an underbite looks and feels like, stand in front of a mirror stick out your chin and bottom teeth so they are positioned in front of your upper teeth.

Between 5 and 10 percent of the general population has an underbite. The frequency of underbite is higher among Asians.

What Causes an Underbite?
An underbite is predominately hereditary in nature, usually involving malformations of both the teeth and the underlying jawbone. Poor chewing habits can sometimes contribute to an underbite.

Aside from Aesthetic Concerns, Why Is It Important to Treat an Underbite?
Uncorrected, an underbite can potentially lead to temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMJ)-- a misalignment or malfunction that causes excess pressure on the jaw joint. TMJ can lead to head and cheek pain, a clicking or popping sound each time you open and close your mouth, limited range of motion of the jaw joint, and other symptoms.

Additionally, many years of living with an underbite can cause the teeth to wear down prematurely or unevenly.

What Is the Best Age to Treat an Underbite?
Historically, the procedure was to wait until the child stopped growing and then realign the jaws surgically. Today, the goal is to avoid surgery whenever possible by intervening when the patients are still growing, as young as age 5.
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