Friday, April 15, 2011

Are all braces the same by Dr.George Bardawil

Are all braces the same
Recently, we have been asked if all braces are the same? The quick answer is no, not all braces are the same. Thanks to innovative technology, orthodontists have choices on what type of braces to make it less time consuming and more comfortable than before.

Dr. Bardawil use braces called the Damon System. These brackets do not need to use elastic rings or tiewires to hold wires in place like conventional braces, making it a more comfortable experience throughout treatment. This light feeling allows the teeth to slide freely along the wires. This means teeth tend to move more quickly and dramatically reduces treatment time. This light friction system also reduces the need for extractions of teeth, expanders, headgear and other appliances. Dr. bardawil is typically able to finish an individuals treatment 6 months faster in the Damon system as compared with traditional braces.

The picture below shows the comparison of traditional braces (left side) and the Damon system (right side).